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Number of FAIRified datasets

Number of datasets that have completed each of the FAIRification process five milestones.

Table of IMI project datasets that completed each stage

Information about the selected projects: Datasets selected in 2019 | Datasets selected in 2020.

Participants from the FAIRplus Innovation and SME Forum: where they come from

Number of FAIRification recipes published in the FAIR cookbook

Number of users accessing the datasets FAIRified by FAIRplus

Number of FAIRplus papers

(Papers co-funded by FAIRplus or papers that cite FAIRplus)

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FAIRplus deliverables

By November 2020, there were 15 deliverables due, all of them were submitted on time and all of them were approved.

This work is being done by Work Package 5 (WP5) in the FAIRplus project (see How the project is organised).