• The FAIR Cookbook

    Provides step-by-step recipes to help you FAIRify your data.

  • FAIR Dataset Maturity Model

    Gives you a path to follow for improving the FAIRness level of your datasets.

  • FAIRification Tool Discoverer

    Find tools that will help FAIRify your data.

  • FAIR Decide

    Helps decision makers in pharmaceutical R&D decide whether FAIRifying existing data is worth the cost of the investment.

  • Data Catalog

    A collection of project-level metadata from large research initiatives in a diverse range of fields, including clinical, molecular and observational studies.

  • FAIRification planning materials

    Download FAIRification diagrams and workplan templates from the Framework's Zonodo page.

Other resources from the project

For more information about the project and the context of these resources, see About the project.