About the project

The volume and complexity of life science data being produced by research is growing exponentially. To gain maximum benefit from this data it needs to be available to researchers, but it often it is inaccessible, annotated inconsistently, and difficult to share because it is in proprietary formats.

The FAIRplus project aims to address these issues by developing guidelines and tools to make data FAIR:

  • Findable
  • Accessible
  • Interoperable
  • Reusable

It aims to increase the discovery, accessibility and reusability of data from selected projects funded by the EU’s Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI), and internal data from pharmaceutical industry partners. It will also organise training for data scientists in academia, SMEs and pharmaceutical companies to enable wider adoption of best practises in life science data management.

The increased FAIRness of data will lead to a wider sharing of knowledge, greater opportunities for innovation, and more insights that benefit society.

See How the project is organised for a more detailed overview.

Project partners