FAIRplus hosts successful online Fellowship meeting

On 17-18 January 2022, FAIRplus held a virtual Fellowship meeting. The two-day meeting, which marked the second phase of the Fellowship programme, consisted of presentations, workshops and networking to bring together FAIRplus Fellows with project experts.

The FAIRplus Fellowship Programme, which started in May 2021, is a comprehensive training programme in FAIR data management. The goal of the programme is to train people from different backgrounds to enable them to act as FAIR ambassadors in their organisations. A total of 18 FAIRplus fellows are enrolled in the programme. They are guided through a series of modules combining online learning, training on the job and face-to-face meetings. Through the Fellowship Meeting, the fellows had the opportunity to sharpen their own FAIRification capabilities with the help of FAIR Experts from different institutions.

The meeting was held online through the platform wonder.me, which allowed participating fellows to collaborate, discuss and network with each other. During the meeting, experts from FAIRPlus participated to present on a range of topics:

  • “Identifiers and Semantic PURLs" by Robert Giessmann from Bayer
  • "RESOLUTE - How FAIRification can really help a project forward" by Jolanda Strubel from The Hyve and Vitaly Sedlyarov from Boehringer Ingelheim
  • “Researching available standards in FAIRsharing” by Dr Philippe Rocca-Serra from University of Oxford
  • “Omics Data Matrix - an interactive recipe workshop” by Dr Andreas Pippow from Fraunhofer FIT

Despite the challenge raised by the virtual environment, the FAIRplus Fellowship Meeting was reviewed very positively by the fellows. As put forward by one of the fellows on the Miro board, “I liked getting in touch with other fellows and the FAIRplus experts.”