Innovation and SME Forums

Delegates at the first FAIRplus SME event
Networking at the first FAIRplus SME event.

FAIRplus will organise three networking events: the FAIRplus Innovation and SME Forums. They are aimed at:

  • Biotech companies interested in FAIRifying their data
  • Technology companies planning to provide FAIRification services
  • Academic groups interested in FAIRification for their data collections

Each event has around 80 participants, to allow for ample interaction. The timing of the events is driven by the planned outputs of the project.

The first event ensured that large industries and SMEs can feed in their requirements to project participants. The other two events will provide hands-on access to the FAIR databases (where access restrictions allow) that have been implemented in the project, and present resources for data FAIRification developed by FAIRplus.

Previous Innovation and SME Forums

2nd Innovation and SME Forum, 13 January 2021


1st Innovation and SME Forum, 29 January 2020

(The Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK)


Katharina Lauer

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