Get involved

There are several ways you can get involved in the FAIRplus project.

The first BYOD workshop and SME event are scheduled to take place in December 2019. For any enquiries please email


FAIRplus will run a Fellowship Programme, which will include a structured learning curriculum and 'training-on-the-job'. After completing the programme, the fellows will be able to work independently as FAIR data advisors.

Who can apply: most fellow exchanges will take place between consortium participants (including EFPIA participants), but the programme will also be open to applicants outside of the FAIRplus consortium, in particular the SME associated partners.

Duration of the fellowship: three months.

Programme structure: the project will create digital training courses so that fellows can learn at their own pace, supported by online coaching. The training modules will cover FAIR processes and FAIR tools. Each fellow will usually stay at their home institution during this learning phase. Then the fellow will move to the host institution to apply their knowledge with hands-on experience. Meetings on-site will further support the fellows in conducting their projects.

Assessment: fellows will be required to present their FAIRification project results to representatives from EFPIA companies and the IMI consortium to demonstrate their capability of acting as FAIR data experts. The successful fellows will be awarded with signed documents from representatives of the EFPIA companies and institutions within the IMI consortium.

How to apply: academic/SME fellows from the FAIRplus consortium participants can apply for a grant by describing a FAIRification project they intend to work on during the fellowship. The project has to deal with a real FAIRification problem existing in either the home or the host institution.

Funding: FAIRplus will be able to cover costs for four fellows. Additionally, EFPIA staff will actively participate in the Fellowship Programme.

Fellowships contact: Andreas Pippow (

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BYOD workshops

The BYOD workshop will allow participants to implementing the FAIR standards and metrics with their own data. The workshops will use datasets and tools available and appropriate to the participants and to the FAIR readiness of the datasets. Tools will include those identified in the project (see Making data FAIR) but may also include other tools available to participants.

The workshops are aimed at different stakeholder groups e.g. data producers, consumers, service providers, technical experts, tool developers.

SME events

The first SME event will be on 29 January 2020 at The Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK.

We will run three ‘FAIR Innovation and SME Events’ aimed at:

  • Biotech companies owning data potentially in need of FAIRification
  • Technology companies who are planning to provide FAIRification services
  • Academic groups interested in FAIRification for their data collections.

Each event will have 40-60 participants each in order to allow for ample interaction between event participants and FAIRplus participants. The timing of the events will be driven by the planned outputs of the project. The first event will ensure that large industries and SMEs can feed in their requirements to project participants. The other two events will provide hands-on access to the FAIR databases (where access restrictions allow) that have been implemented in the project.

These events will complement the BYOD activities (see above) and we will aim to co-locate both events where possible. The goal of these activities is to prompt new collaborations between the public and private sectors and to ensure that the impact to industry from the FAIRplus project goes beyond the partners engaged formally in the project.

SME events contact: Katharina Lauer (